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R&D Center


    R&D Center Technology of ORIENTAL COMMERCE CO., LTD.

    We generate a brighter future with challenge and innovation for the best goods by new technology, new material and new methods of production.

    ORIENTAL COMMCERCE CO., LTD. R&D Center strives to produce the best quality products by analyzing market flow and investing in new product development.

    Our R&D Center is staffed with substantially experienced researchers that have top level R&D keenness with optimized research and development equipment.
    Our R&D Center strives to create new business opportunities that optimize the adhesives’ mixing ratio and new base material development.

    R&D Center Vision

    R&D center's aim is to supply customer satisfaction by coping with fast market flow and developing market leading product.

    • 01. Market AnalysisKey leader of the market

      Analysis Market trendProposal of customer order

    • 02. Strategy PresentationStrategic Technology development

      Research new materialCreate new business

    • 03. Key TechnologyKey technology of Plastic film Extrusion/Adhesive tape

      New Product ResearchNew Technology Research