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This is a representative Jeong-Sup, Sim in ORIENTAL COMMERCE CO., LTD.

We are now preparing secondary leaping.

Thank you for visiting Oriental Commerce Co.,Ltd.
We at, Oriental Commerce, have been growing as a leader in plastic film and adhesive tape manufacturing with our professional man power and special technology in the ever fast changing domestic and world market.

With 20 years' accumulated production experience, we are now running two factories. One is located in Busan, Korea and the second is in Qingdao, China. All 8 buildings are under one unified production team and sales force. This has become our corner stone of technology, productivity and price competitiveness.

Due to our continued passion and concentration, our management goal of product trust and customer choice company is a success.

We hope to achieve our vision by supplying distinguished goods and services for our customers.

President 대표이사 심정섭